Quilt Club

 The Quilt Club meets every Wednesday from 9 am to 3 pm. The First Wednesday of each month all the members share in making quilts that we like to call "Comfort"  quilts which we are proud to give to those in our community who are going through traumatic or emotional times in their lives and to families who have lost there home to fire. It is our way of letting our community know that there is someone thinking of them and reaching out a hand if help is needed. For our members, the club offers an opportunity to meet new friends and share time with ladies with the same interest. Any person interested in joining or just learning more about the quilt club, feel free to drop over to the Mulhurst Bay Community Center on Wednesday, we will even offer you a coffee. We welcome any donations of cotton fabrics and threads. For more info, please contact President, Val Law- 780-389-2372.

Quilter's Poem

 Love is a quilt-a quilt is love.........

Both Love and a quilt should be;

Soft enough to comfort you,

Bright enough to cheer you,

Generous enough to enfold you,

Light enough to let you move freely,

Strong enough to withstand adversity,

Durable enough to last a lifetime,

And given gladly, from the heart

(Author Unknown)


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